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Farkle Roller Pro Dice Buddies

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Farkle is a very popular dice game played with friends like Yatzy, that started at the table & made its way to Apps. Different sets of dice are worth different amounts of points. Play Farkel with the Goal to get a High Score in 10 rounds. Farkle also known as 10 000 is a Dice Game of Luck & Guts! Farkle is known by many names – Ten Thousand Dice, 5000, Zonk, Zilch,Wimp out, Darsh, Greed, Hot Dice, Buzzball, Oh Crap, Greed and Squelch
Farkle is a risk taking game like Hot Dice! Roll a Dice or Two and try for higher score combinations.
You have 10 sets of Rolls to accumulate the Best score, and you take turns against a computer opponent.
As with every version of the game, the trick comes in balancing when to turn a die in for points, and when to roll it again to better your chances of getting a set in your next roll.
But be careful this game has different rules than Balut - If you Farkle, those points are gone! Play it Risky or Play it Safe, but Play it Smart and collect those points!
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Lots of Exciting Features:
• Original Six Dice Game Rules! • Bonus Point everyday!• Immersive User Experience• Crisp & Awesome Graphics Blitz !• Tablet support• You can play it with one hand ;)• FREE to play So Much Fun• Large high quality Dice• Leaderboard to boast your score• Google Play Game Circle: Compare scores with friends on Online leader-boards• Beautiful Graphics • Fun sound effects• Optimized for touch devices
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